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I strongly object to a large portion of the message presented in this movie. I not only believe that some of the message presented here is way off base, but the general attitude is immoral, materialistic, selfish and ethically lacking.

The mind does have power. Positive thinking does attract influences into your life. If nothing else I suppose its good to stop negative thought patterns and replace them with more productive ones, and to "tune in" to better possibilities. That portion of the film had some shred of value for the novice.

Beyond that, I have some serious criticisms of this film.

1. Focus on material gain, desire, lust and greed. These were not just "examples" of the power of attraction. It took up virtually the entire film. The great sages like Lao Tzu were not advocating these bottomless pits of material apatite. Its good to have enough and be comfortable, but having fewer desires is better. This film seemed to glorify American over consumerism and was like an infomercial published by Walmart.

2. Apologizing for the richest 0.001%. These people (or at least many of them) are not rich and powerful because they are so holy and spiritual. These people have the power because they crooked as fuck, hire paramilitary death squads to evict indigenous people from their homeland to steal their resources, start wars and sell weapons to both sides, control people through fear and propaganda, and basically do whatever it takes to secure their own base of power at the expense of others. Seriously, the world would be a better place and the consciousness of the planet might raise an octave if most of these people were no longer with us, and I mean that with the highest respect for our mother earth and future generations who will occupy the world we leave behind. The noble path is NOT the easier one. Its easier to get rich when you sacrifice the environment or the well being of your workers. There is more profit when you behave like an amoral sociopath. Doing the right thing sometimes requires a bit of self sacrifice and the rewards do not always result in the kind of material advantage glorified in this movie. Instead, you get the satisfaction of knowing you did the right thing, knowing you left the world a better place, and perhaps the love and admiration of your fellow man/women. Not enough of this film focused on those higher virtues.

3. We dont control everything. We have power. We have untapped potential on many levels, more than most of us realize, but we are only a small piece of the puzzle. We are only co-creators, we dont create the whole thing. That kind of thinking is delusional.

I could go on, but it was basically an infomercial for new age capitalist bankers who feel their spiritual progress can be measured by their material wealth. - Djinn , posted 02/01/09
So so
I wasn't impressed simply because I had studied and taught this stuff for years. Every so often old ideas get new clothes and attract attention, and that's what this is. It's popular not because the people posting here need it, but because the people who have never heard this information needed it.

However, I really wanted to respond to what Maple wrote:

"[To] say that everything in your life has been brought on by you is just complete nonsense. There are things that happen that are outside of your control and influence."

While that may be factually true, what does it get you? It turns you into a victim. It lets you accept your shortcoming and failures by blaming it on others. You don't have money/happiness/whatever not because of your failings, but because you were abused, you didn't get a good education, you're too tall/short/heavy/slender/dark skinned/light skinned/ or some other excuse. You were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Damn! It sounds like John Belushi in The Blues Brothers. Even worse, it leads to some of the most disgusting and vicious attitudes and beliefs around: I don't have a good job because they had to give it to an African-American, because the Jews have all the good jobs, because the illegal aliens took all of the jobs, etc. Victimhood from blaming others can lead to racism, antisemitism, xenophobia, etc.

On the other hand, if you accept the concept that everything in your life has be brought on by you--even if it is not factually true--prevents such victimhood. You didn't get a job/relationship/whatever? Okay, how do I change, what do I learn, how do I evolve so I can get what I want? The path of victimhood leads to failure and the path of personal responsibility leads to success. You can choose which path you want to follow.

Maple writes: "Those who were abused, did they bring this about? Those who are victims of violence, did they ask for it? So the fact that this is now my third 6 month job, was this somehow of my doing? Did I send out negative vibrations? No, I had a very positive mindset and shit still happened."

Respectfully, you're mistaking responsibility for blame. Abuse is horrible. Nobody should be abused. If someone is abused it should be reported. However, perhaps a person, because he was abused, creates something that helps hundreds of thousands of people. Good can result. I'm not encouraging abuse and I would actively work to stop and prevent it. But if it had occurred to someone in the past and there was no way for me to prevent or stop it, rather than tell the person that they are fated to be abused in the future and will abuse their children, I'd try to find out how they can get something out of that horrible experience so that it never has to happen again.

And the fact that you've had three jobs last only 6 months each...coincidence? I doubt it. I'm sure you had a positive mindset, but maybe there was something else you needed to do. Why did you even apply for jobs that only lasted 6 months if you wanted something longer? You're post is from a while ago and I honestly hope you have found something better. My question is still why did you bring those jobs to you? This isn't about blame, it's about learnings. What have you learned from this experience so you don't have to repeat it again and again?

Maple wrote: "The Secret says you don't have to deal with negativity and that all you have to do is ask the universe for what you want. This is total crap. You actually have to do hard work to accomplish things. Things don't just fall into your lap. To get to where I am today, I had to do a lot of work on myself. I've also received lots of help from others. And no, I didn't apply the Secret."

Hmmm. To get where you are, having jobs that only last 6 months, and you're bragging about it? No, it's not TOTAL crap, but the presentation is simplistic. What they don't say is HOW to ask the universe what you want. And you're assuming that hard work has nothing to do with this process. If that's what you think, you're wrong. If that's the implication you got from the movie, it's wrong.

Maple wrote: "... This is identical to what cults like Scientology says, which I tried once in my early 20s. If it didn't work for you or you don't agree with their teachings, they say you didn't understand it correctly. How convenient to just dismiss criticisms like that!"

Ah, so you had a bad experience with a group and call it a cult (interesting how groups we don't like are called cults, but ones we do like don't get that title), and now you compare everything in your life to that experience. Seems like you've set up a series of beliefs that filter all of your experiences, and they seem to do so in a very negative way--especially with your focus on a lack of personal responsibility.

Maple wrote: "...but it's not like you can will something into existence."

Of course you can. Everybody does. You can't create anything until you will it to be. You have to put it into your consciousness and unconsciousness. Then you can manifest it. If you don't want something you'll never strive to achieve it. EVERYTHING is willed into existence. - Bub , posted 01/29/09
Come up with your own secret
I thought it was pretty bad for the most part. There are some elements of truth in it, but it's buried beneath all this pseudo New Age, get rich quick mumbo jumbo.

It also says many things that are just flat out wrong and what I consider really bad advice. Let me explain.

First, there is nothing wrong with the law of attraction in a very general sense. In fact, I do believe it to some degree. You tend to attract people like yourself, who are at the same place in life. This is kinda obvious, in my opinion. You surround yourself with people that you can relate to and these people in turn does have an influence on you.

But to then turn this around and say that everything in your life has been brought on by you is just complete nonsense. There are things that happen that are outside of your control and influence.

Those who were abused, did they bring this about? Those who are victims of violence, did they ask for it? So the fact that this is now my third 6 month job, was this somehow of my doing? Did I send out negative vibrations? No, I had a very positive mindset and shit still happened.

The opposite is also true. Back when I lost my very first job and you couldn't transfer H1Bs, I thought it was all over for me and I had to go back to Japan. But a job came my way. Many good things have come my way even though I had a very bleak outlook.

The truth of the matter is there are many things in life that are outside of your control. And you have to make do with it. This is part of life.

The Secret says you don't have to deal with negativity and that all you have to do is ask the universe for what you want. This is total crap. You actually have to do hard work to accomplish things. Things don't just fall into your lap. To get to where I am today, I had to do a lot of work on myself. I've also received lots of help from others. And no, I didn't apply the Secret.

The second thing that bothered me about the Secret was what it said about good and bad feelings. I don't believe feelings are good or bad; they just are. It's what you do with your feelings that make the difference.

Here again, is a belief system that labels some feelings as bad and that some feelings should be avoided. And let me quote a Zen proverb that totally goes against this: the obstacle IS the path.

If you avoid bad feelings, you will never grow. Life contains unpleasant experiences and it's how you deal with the ups and downs that define your life. If you keep running away from all your problems, you are really not free in my opinion. To be free is to accept all of what life is sending your way, including both the good and the bad.

Also, labeling a feeling as good or bad is subjective. For a child molester, raping a child feels good. Does that mean it is really good? The problem is humans many times think something is good even though it has a destructive side. Nothing in The Secret helps you to discern between things that feel good and things that are actually healthy for you.

And lastly, those people on the Secret who says it's the truth and it works and blah blah, can they offer any concrete proof? All they give is stories that prove The Secret works. How do we know these stories really did happen? And what about all those other stories where things didn't turn out wonderfully? I bet they will just say that The Secret really wasn't applied. Which is a load of crock, as you can just say if it works The Secret was applied and if it doesn't it wasn't applied correctly. This is identical to what cults like Scientology says, which I tried once in my early 20s. If it didn't work for you or you don't agree with their teachings, they say you didn't understand it correctly. How convenient to just dismiss criticisms like that!

And what's all this about how these great thinkers and religions know about The Secret? They quote things here and there and say they applied the Secret. Take Carl Jung for example. I've read his work extensively and I don't see anything about a law of attraction in his work. They take things out of context and say this proves The Secret. Nothing Jung has ever said even remotely resembles The Secret. Except for maybe his concept of synchronicity, but it's not like you can will something into existence. It's really more about things happening for a reason and for you to determine what that is. I think what bothers me the most about all this is how they twist things around and make it conform to The Secret.

So in the end, did I get anything out of watching the Secret or was it just a complete waste of my time? Well, actually I did get something out of it, but it was really more of a starting point then anything else.

I do like positive visualization and believe it can help. I liked the part about how they say you should write down what you want, what your dreams are. This reminds me of what a guy once told me. He said that after WWII ended, he figured out what to do with his life by first visualizing what he wanted to be.

But my God, the examples they use in the Secret is about getting a car or a house or a million dollars or chicks or whatever. It's all about me me me.

What about world peace? Or social justice? Or helping others in need? The Secret doesn't deal with any of these problems. In fact, they make the suggestion that you invite problems by thinking about them. Yeah, right. So all these problems in the world are caused by people not having positive thoughts?

Anyway, I can't really say that watching The Secret helped me, but I can definitely use it as fodder to come up with my own Secret. - Forest , posted 06/15/07
it's just hype to sell shit and make money off stupies...didn'tcha ever read any Plato? the Sophist is a good place to start concerning this POS self help video - Unsubscribed , posted 06/15/07
What's the big Secret?
I didn't get what the actual 'secret' part was. There was nothing in the movie that hasn't been said before in sooo many ways. I didn't like that it was presented that way --- and the big dramatic opening of this huge secret being coveted and protected and used by great people throughout history.

I do believe in the messages of this 'secret'. But some of the choices in presentation seemed unfortunate to me. I wonder if the focus on attaining material things [fast cars, big houses] was to try and reach a broader audience. I don't really get that. I would have liked to have seen that energy in the movie put into spirit, relationship and health. [yes - I realize it was there - just more of that and a little less material would have set better with me.]

An acquaintance, who absolutely loves the movie, tells me that I just don't get it. - diane , posted 06/15/07
In response to my joy and disappointment with the message of the film, "The Secret", I am working on a plan to create a film about the power of Loving Kindness and Compassion, called, "The Good Heart, It's No Secret". I loved that the concepts of self responsibility and potential that we have as humans are hitting the mainstream. But I feel that the power to create reality is a universal concept, not a method that should be used for individual gain. We have sooo much potential, why be limited? The Secret was onto something by revealing the power that consciousness has to influence and manifest reality, but missed on the crucial universal concept of interconnectedness. If we are all intimately connected, the then our prayers, wishes, and actions affect others. On the positive side, when we live and use our existence of body, speech and mind for the benefit of all beings in all reaches of existence, then our power becomes just that limitless. The ripple has no no limit and intertwines with all others. In the same light, our love and happiness become limitless. If we can conjoin our awareness of others, which are limitless with a good vibe and prayer, then our joy reaches its limitless potential. Why stop at one? With the ability to manifest limitless benefit, we should go for it.
I would like to create this film to convey this through interviews with Holy Beings from all Spiritual Traditions and walks of life. We would ask them about the benefits of the Good Heart and to tell stories that display this. We could interview His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Ammachi, Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela, and many others in so many other traditions. I would also like to search the world for ordinary folks that have experiences and stories of miracles that have occurred because of the Good Heart.
Jump on board. I welcome with an open heart your suggestions and support. Namaste

Check out more of my vision at my profile. - Dahmay , posted 06/15/07
Opens your mind/encourages response
Well, well, well. Looks like alot of folks are thinking, that's good! Many don't realize that this secret really is what underlies many of our religious and now capitalistic unions. The thing is that 'the secret' is ONLY THE FIRST LAW! There are eight others.....taught by metaphysicians over the years, and even more when you finally get what it's about. It's called Kabbalah. I'm really happy to see people criticizing this thing...because there is alot more to this world than getting what we want all the time, yes? But for those that never do, hang on. Peace, Elo Ma - Elo Devi , posted 06/15/07
it sucked
'if you want money and THINGS, get spiritual!"

i really disliked this movie. i am sorry it was ever made by rich white men (rosicrucians) who don't have a clue about true spirituality and the value of soul. - nux , posted 06/15/07
I rate this thread with top marks
as it seems the Secret is open
dialogue and honest debate,
which both organized religeon
and the corporate creed abhor
as it would neccesitate them
validaiting actions consistently
dichotamous to their endlessly
professed benevolence of intent... - Azul , posted 06/15/07
superficial, dangerous and deluded
2% own 95% of the wealth because they have a global arms industry to back up their corrupt and usurous money system. That's the real secret. - mark , posted 06/15/07
At first i thought it was good
But I'm with 'Passion' on this one.

It does not stand up to questioning. There is better out there -and far less materialistic. Materialism is not wrong, but it is wrong when it is not balanced with spirituality. - Unsubscribed , posted 06/15/07
If U want to sample the consciousness of the SECRET's contributors ...
I like the message in this profound well made film. The criticised 'materialistic' scenes are simply examples given of the power of the law of attraction, not a recipe for one to follow. People who're dissing it should take an hour to sample some of the genuine contributions of its spirited contributors by for ex. hearing Lisa Nichols speak at one of the panels she volunteers on (e.g. last weekend's Conscious Life Expo in L.A.) or go to see and hear Rev. Michael Beckwith at Agape Spiritual Ctr in Culver City any Sunday morning; I did, and for me it blew away all the criticisms voiced here including the commercialism & materialistic blasts.
I would suggest that those who find fault step up and give, share your own better vision with the rest of us, as Rhonda the filmmaker has done with her effort in The Secret. We're always welcome to a better form of vision & enlightenment aren't we. Its too easy to voice one's dissing criticism, without acting to offer and share one's constructive insight and improve on the status quo.
One suggestion I recommend & practiced - gather a group of extended friends together, show the video, and start discussing the practice - pros & cons alike - it can't help but awaken conscious dialogue. Namaste - "cOOch" , posted 02/14/07
boring & annoying
It felt like an infomercial... - britz , posted 02/14/07
going in the wrong direction
not to sound redundant but I was so disapointed in this film, especially after so many people who's opinions I actually respect couldn't stop raving about it. Yes- I believe that each one of us needs to be awakened to the reality that is and discover our true potential in this world, but if we use this truth to further the "I" consciousness that is selfishly destroying the earth as we speak, isn't this going in the completely wrong directrion? There is this great quote by Einstein that comes to mind while writing this: "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." In my opinion, if there is any hope for us, we have to stop thinkning "I want" "I need" - especially "I need a new car", I mean, come on~ is it ME??????? We need to stop consuming and as someone said above, stop taking and start giving! I think they say in the movie at some point, "There is enough for everyone", I can assure you this is not the case. Not if gluttonous consumerism can be justified. If I want to recommend a GREAT movie to get the wheels turning in someone's head, I love "What the Bleep Do We Know" - can't recomend that one enough. - Jacklyn , posted 02/14/07
It's a great self help documentary.
Any movie, film, or book that shows you the power of what each one of us can do is good. We are all Creators like the God/Goddess that is all. "The Secret" had a lot of great messages behind it. Yes it is all self help, and it did tell you to hold your thoughts on that of which you would like to create for yourself. But this is who we are and this is why we are here, to create. Any film to educate on the "Law of Attraction" I believe is great. We are all still remembering who we are and how powerful we can be. It is a concious revolution we are facing and this is definately a sign we are moving in the possitive direction. The concious collective can heal and change our world tomorrow. This is what we have been waiting for and we have just started. A shift has started give Love, Be Love, GIve Joy, Be Joy this is who we really are. All is One. Celebrate Life. Empower another you empower yourself because we are all one. It is time to heal our physical home called Earth.

Suggest read: Coversations with GOD Book 1,2,&3 - Oscure , posted 02/10/07
The Secret ... ....of Marketing...
I personally found no new information here and dont really care for the way this OLD material was presented.... Some may be served by this PRODUCT ... but most likely it will be the people selling it! - MrOneness , posted 02/10/07
It seems so obvious, but I think the reinforcement it provides is priceless
My life started changing shortly after I watched the Secret and I still feel like I am manifesting much more rapidly than before I watched the film. I highly recommend it. I also recommend the teachings of Abraham if you like this movie. You can check them out at - Marquand , posted 01/30/07
What some may not know..
Yes, this brought me back to all those sales books, mantras, positive thoughts and remembering when I walked in that zone...when all went well, here and now, feeling a part of the whole belonging to something bigger than me. When you feel that head heart connection it does put you out there as a magnet...what you want does come to you.

Yes of course their is an abundance of negative energy out there. As individuals we choose which road we will take. I've practice this law since I was a child. That is why I believe I am still here. At times is easier to fall into the old comfortable paterns of negativity that most of us have endured in childhood. Yes time and time again I have as well, that is when negative things happened. So to me this movie reinforced what I already knew.

I feel that if you just remember a time in your life when everything fell into place, how you felt...the zen of it. You got can always bring that feeling back. Energy is a remarkable power, best to use it in a positive way. Just try smiling at a total stranger, most will smile helped the both of you.

I find that when your down pop in this movie.

Lady Frogs...wishes you all peace and love...from my pad to yours. - LadyFrog , posted 01/30/07
aahh hemm
I agree that to really....really "low vibrational" people that this film is benificial; mostly b/c of the repetitiveness that is necessary to some people. Hopefully it gets the wheels turning in those....

But for me and like minded others - I was annoyed by the idea that you could think your dreams true instead of working. To change the world, we have to be better human beings. Just how much do you hold yourself accountable? In order to evolve we need to be better and more imaginative in thought than any thing any film has to offer.

I think it (life) has largely to do with acceptance, constructive thought & intentional actions....This film I feel like is spawning once-humble and level headed peps that have seen this movie and that are now fine with being more materialistic and self righteous...

"question reality. think for yourself" T.L. - ONA<3 , posted 01/30/07
can be misleading...
the movie presents A truth or one aspect of the tiny shard of reality, we call 'conciousness'. many people make the mistake of seeing this truth to be a 'means' to the 'end' of getting something. i agree with the previous statement about cognitive dissonance. of coarse your state of mind determines the situation that you magnitise to you but the ultimate truth is not about manipulating the outer world to accomidate our desires, but truely deep self inquiry. for some people, that may require getting past some of the fixations that we have with some thing that we may want to aquire. given that the process of aquiring said thing, neccesitates being in a state of "already having" the person has to get into a state of acceptance of the present moment. i am confident when i say; that when a person is truely in total acceptance of the present moment, this creates a state of presence which is the natural state of a human being, a state of being that can truely call miracles into being. so what the fuck are we doing creating more polluting cars and building houses that are eccesive when we could be "manifesting" or calling into being, free energy devices, technology to clean up radioactive waste, social justice and welfare for all human beings?

too big?

the wetern mind cannot see past its own petty lusts. thats why. but until we satisfy them we will still believe that we cannot have them and if we cannot have these small things that are really petty and unimaginative, we will still be unable to create the BIG things, things that reaaly matter. and revolutionize the planet..

i give this film three stars. because it is only a half truth. there needs to be a sequel that calls in more personal responsability and awareness of others on the planet.
- , posted 01/30/07
Overall, it's quite helpful for people...
Overall, it's quite helpful I think...especially for folks who haven't taken personal responsibility for their thoughts, words and actions.

Being sold as a bundle with some great symphony music here:
(there is a $5 savings on this combo) - Unsubscribed , posted 01/30/07
Complete lack of responsibility - with added comment
I wrote a blog about this - that's how disturbed I was by the complete lack of spiritual responsibility in this piece. You can read it here if you want:

Some people in the comment process brought up some great points - one mentioned that all the spiritual leaders through history have said a very similar thing - Be the change you want to see - but this movie says "think about the change you want" and like magic it will come to you - and don't worry your pretty little head about how that happens! And it also is completely useless to someone living in a war-zone, third world country, etc. - there is only so much control some people have over their situation - is it really fair to tell these people that they are responsible for their situation? Should we tell people who are raped that they must have had negative thinking? And I really hate when people like one of the commentators here do that usual cult thing - where they say that if you have a problem with this or want to question it - it must be because you are not as evolved as they are - so very telling. Circular logic like that works for everything from dictators to child-molesters. Any idea, movie, etc. worth anything will stand up to and even welcome questioning - not try to stop it before it starts by calling anyone who questions unenlightened. Perhaps it's exactly opposite and the truly enlightened don't need to put out a bunch of defenses like that because they aren't afraid of their ideas being questioned - they know they'll stand up to scrutiny.

I want to add - after reading a typical comment about all the "critics" of this "fine film" - the last one (as of this writing) said something like "Why don't all these people who criticize this EVER offer something of their own?"

Well - we do. You just refuse to listen. In fact, I've been talking about sprituality and what it means to me for years. And I even said that I found some truth in the Secret but I also find some truth in Buddhism, Judaism and Christianity.

What that writer is doing is precisely what is wrong with most new-age thinking - that it accepts without question whatever is offered (especially if it's an easy way to get something with little or no work) and then it attacks anyone who criticizes and refuses to pay attention when people are actually offering something else - or even better. What many of us who do not like the Secret are saying is that the BETTER way is to be responsible, to have more empathy, and to take into account that when you do put your intention out there, you need to take into account what is good for everyone involved.

But I know that my words won't get through because people who follow cults and cult-like movements simply do not have the right to think critically - and our entire culture is starting to disdain this very thing. Critical thinking is what keeps us from being duped. Wake up people - you are being duped - again.

I wonder if I took on a persona like "Cloud walker" and came out with a book, web-site, and offered to sell blades of grass that have been blessed with intention if people would listen to a message of real spiritual responsibility - probably not, when there are these fast-food excuses for answers lying in wait. - Passion , posted 02/15/07
I liked it
it's interesting.... - Unsubscribed , posted 01/30/07
speak to people where they are at
This movie may look on the surface as materialism but that is simply to attract the ego to the process of consciousness. It is not about materialism , it is about consciousness. The ego cannot exist in the light of consciousness. The lure of the egoic world to this video, would say AH it is about GREED and having what you want, but in actuality, the secret is esoteric, hidden, it ensnares the ego to annihilate it. Through the process and discipline and conscious thought, clarity and will, the ego weakens it's control over thought form, it does not strengthen. In time throughthis discipline, what may begin for someone caught in the 3d world of materialism in time becomes a path of awareness. Awareness, to how one is feeling about these needs and desire. seeing how maybe when you get what you want, that you the feelings do not match up to the expectations. What they say int his movie about using the emotional feedback as a guide is very powerful wisdom. It takes cosciouness out of the head and brings it into the heart and as we say in the Native American traditions. " The journey from the head to the heart is the longest journey human kind will ever take. " This movie may appear to the mind caught up in the illusion of the egoic mind as materialism but the process it introduces is what can leads that same mind to wisdom through personal responsibility as the creator of their own happiness/unhappiness.

The secret is powerful and for those "who have the ears to hear and eyes to see" they will know it's worth, for those who are still coming from a place of judgement and the rational-lies of the mind, this movie will benefit them the most.

that is my opinion - Mary samantha , posted 01/30/07
Materlism run Rampant
The main problem with this movie is the materialistic motivation. They talk about "manifesting". Manifesting is a magic term that denotes that you can create a world out of thought. With people are running around thinking about being rich and having materialistic wealth, they are just adding to that Mammonian power on this planet. We don't need to be lending credence to a scourge that has been plaguing this planet with wars, corruption and misappropriation of wealth and power since the beginning of society - the main barrier to our evolution.

You would think that one of those Gurus would have caught on to that flaw in their process.

They do have a good point about positive thinking though: with the Law of Attraction you can indeed make a better future just by thinking about the good stuff. I give it three stars just for that point being brought up. - Vhilm , posted 01/30/07
WONDERFULL for these times!
considering the scope of these times, this kind of awareness is crucial. IS a movie. and like any movie it can't say EVERYTHING there is to say about spirituality. as someone who actually has MET almost everyone in this movie i KNOW for a fact they are some of the most giving and loving beings i've had the pleasure of meeting. the abundance they generate goes to so many how are in need of assistance. the thing is we can only SEE what our perception is open to. or better said...we can only see from the level of consciousness we inhabit in any given moment. this is why it is said a wise man can learn from a fool. with a movie like this...with this level of unabashed success it will bring many who dislike it for whatever reason and this too is apart of the Path.

and so it is...

peace and blessings to all,

Q - Unsubscribed , posted 01/30/07
yeah medium
yeah, i'm middle of the road. I really like what you said about giving and the general attitude of the movie.
I almost seems sad. haha - Spirit , posted 01/30/07
i also strongly disliked this movie - WAY too much about getting and not at all about giving. the opening line in the movie was something like "why does 2% of the population own 95% of the world's wealth? because they know the secret..." right away i thought, i don't want to know the secret if that is what it leads to. i think the secret to happiness is doing service to others, not getting what you want all the time. the law of attraction is an interesting law to learn about, but they sure took a weird spin on it in this movie.
it doesn't deserve my one star... - Jeremy , posted 01/30/07
Great reminder movie
I have watched this movie several times and every time it really does help to put me in my place again. You are what you think!!! This is sometimes difficult as we face our daily challenges. But I know it definitely works when applied!!! :o) - Dawn , posted 01/30/07
The Secret: It's a movie
I really liked "The Secret". It's an entertaining and compelling idea that we create our future by what we think. I don't know if I believe the quantum theory stuff, but I've played around with this and it works to some extent (probably to the extent that I have faith that it will work). So God created us in Gods' image and I believe this could include the ability to create by speaking a word. I believe there is power in what we say. - joefunva , posted 01/10/07
Horrible "documentary".
If I could give this movie a rating less than a 1 I would... And you're talking to one hippified motherfucker here... Just start googling any of the people presented in the movie... They're all self-help gurus, nothing as described in this "documentary"... They've got the process all wrong - it isn't the law of attraction, it is all about cognitive dissonance and similar phenomenon. When you are positive, you're less apt to see negative things going in your life, and when you're negative, you're less likely to see the positive.

Burn this movie... Not for your friends... In a fire. - kroniq , posted 01/10/07
Best Movie
It literally changed my life! - Unsubscribed , posted 01/10/07
The Secret that's trying to get out!
Have you ever wondered why your life is the way it is? Well, its no secret -or rather the secret is:
The Law of Attraction.

This is one of those movies like "What the Bleep Do We Know?" presents profound knowledge that succinctly describes deep truths about our existence and interaction with it. Do you want to understand why your life is the way it is? Do you want to feel differently? Change your life? Create a "life" of fulfillment and abundance? No, there's nothing to buy (beyond the price of the DVD or some other movie paraphernalia) there's no investment scheme, there's no additional seminar/workshop/retreat needed to gain enlightenment (although it would be nice to get together with a bunch of these people that "get it" and see what happens!).

It's pretty simple, however I would also recommend an understanding of Ego and how it detracts from Presence (which is where all your power resides -in the moment) and thus effects what you "attract" into your life.

It seems that the following are key:
1. Understanding the Law of Attraction
2. Understand the manifestation process and
3. Understand the psychological aspects that effect an individual's ability to implement the manifestation process with least resistance.

Resources for these would be: 1. The Secret. 2. Abraham-Hicks (book: Ask and It Is Given) and 3. Eckhart Tolle (books: The Power of Now and A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose).

Enjoy! - Unsubscribed , posted 01/03/07
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