Database summarizes chemical contaminants and approximately 180 human diseases or conditions

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Thank you. You did a great job collecting sources for the benefit of all.
Same as the title. Please add book Lab 257 to 'must read' list - ArgotMay , posted 10/28/09
The Toxic Truth of Chronic Illnesses
Database summarizes between chemical contaminants and
approximately 180 human diseases or conditions.

The database is a work in progress.

Example; The database lists smoking being associated
with macular degeneration. But the pesticide regulations with
tobacco are a bad joke and pesticides have been implicated in
macular degeneration..

You might consider substituting pesticide and o r radiation
exposure when you come across smoking being associated
with a chronic illness.

In reference;

Potent Pesticides Used On Tobacco - CBS News
Tobacco pesticides include some of the most dangerous
pesticides used in the United States ... urging him to
support federal regulation of tobacco products, ...

A simple Google search on "tobacco radiation" reveals articles on

The US Surgeon General C Everett Koop stated on
national television in 1990 that tobacco radiation is
probably responsible for 90% of tobacco-related cancer.8 ... - 15k

John William Gofman MD was a part of the Manhattan Project
that made the bomb. To quote him,
"Our estimate is that about three-quarters of the current
annual incidence of breast cancer in the United States is
being caused by earlier ionizing radiation, primarily from
medical sources". John William Gofman MD . Book on line -
Preventing Breast Cancer

In reference to macular degeneration;

Retinal Degeneration and Other Eye Disorders in Wives of Farmer
Pesticide Applicators Enrolled in the Agricultural Health Study ,
American Journal of Epidemiology 2005 161(11):1020-1029;

Mercury (including ingested dental fillings) might also
play a role with macular degeneration, with regard to
the low dose cumulative effects of such combinations
with pesticide exposures.

JAMA -- Mercury in Dental Amalgam--A Neurotoxic Risk?,
JAMA, April 19, 2006;295:1835-1836.
Dental amalgam, which contains 50% mercury
by weight, has been used for at least 150 years.

Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine -
Parkinson's Disease, Macular Degeneration and
Cutaneous Signs of Mercury Toxicity ...
None of the patients in the control group had a
cutaneous eruption and ... .. -

Considering Cumulative Effects Under
the National Environmental Policy Act /nepa/ccenepa/ccenepa.htm

U.S. Lags in Toxicity Testing,
Wednesday, May 3, 2000, Los Angeles Times
Of the 1,400 known cancer causing chemicals, less
than six percent are tracked in cancers. Congressional Report.


Published peer reviewed medical journal articles with
regard to mycoplasma's and the association of numerous
chronic illness are posted at
The author of hundreds of peer reviewed medical journal
articles is behind the web page at
Garth Nicolson. The section on "Biological Weapons"
at his web page does mention that mycoplasma's are
classified as an "Incapacitating Agent" (non-lethal).

Also note an article from Political Affairs

"113 Institutions Charged with Refusing to
Reveal Biotech Research"
by Sherwood Ross

The Sunshine Project;
Oversight of Research Involving Biological Weapons Agents
Regulation, Committees, Safety, and the Law (and Lack Thereof)

The Gulf War Vets have posted
"Beyond Treason"

Alternate blog:

Alternate MySpace pfofile:

The Toxic Reverend
The report on depleted uranium in the
San Francisco Bay area causing the high
rates of cancer is posted at:>

"Justice Is Homeless" - Toxic Reverend , posted 06/11/08
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