Rachel Brice Special Tribal Fest Offer

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This is one of the coolest things about Tribal Fest,,, dancers doing special stuff for us.....

Rachel Brice who has supported us for years has a super special "Tribal Fest" offer....

She has a new DVD coming out,,,, yep,, a new DVD,,,, the main run of them will not be available for awhile BUT she has a "LIMITED EDITION" run just in time for Tribal Fest... It will be available at Tribal Fest first before anywhere else!

It is called "Serpentine" and was produced by World Dance New York....

This is so hot that I do not have many details but it's from Rachel Brice so you know it is going to be hot Hot HOT!!!

Again, just to make it clear,,,, this is a special limited edition run of her new DVD available at Tribal Fest. The DVD will be released later in the year. You want it first? See ya at Tribal Fest and a HUGE mahalo to Miss Brice for arranging this offer!

Aloha from Kajira and Chuck...

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Chuck "Mr Kajira"
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