5 Day Shamanic Retreat in Mount Shasta Ca

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The Dance of the Deer Foundation, with Huichol Shaman Brant Secunda

One of the most spectacular places of power in the world, this beautiful peak in Northern California has been known for centuries as a healing place of power.

When we connect with the spirit of the mountain by giving our gifts of prayer, we are deeply touched by Shasta’s unique power. And by opening to the power of life in this beautiful place, we bring profound wholeness into our own lives, as well as our communities and the Earth.

Go on a pilgrimage and learn through Huichol ceremonies, prayer, drumming, song and dance. Learn to draw upon the power of your heart and the power of the mountain to experience this wonderful union with nature.

On this 26th annual pilgrimage, Brant will teach us to honor the earth and the ancient ones through Huichol ceremonies such as the Dance of the Deer, to help bring balance to the earth and joy to our hearts. Huichol shamanic practices of purification, prayer, dreamwork, visionary art and drumming will empower us for our personal well being.

This is an opportunity to connect intimately with the land and with ourselves, and to gain the power, vision and clarity Mother Earth has to offer.

Come and experience beautiful Mt. Shasta. Take in the energy of this sacred mountain to heal your own body, heart and spirit and change your life.

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